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Wakarusa Staff Highlight(ed) | I was highlighted as Wakarusa’s staffer of the week! Wakarusa changed my life when my first band, Groovelight, won the 2005 Wakarusa Battle Of The Bands and got to play as our prize. This was my first major show as a drummer, and I had no idea what to expect. What I saw at Wakarusa 2005 changed [...]


Hi Reddit!

Just saying hello to anyone from Reddit.


Pulled an all nighter, this was my reward!

Stayed up all night working on web projects and watching top chef. Walked the 15 minute walk at sun-rise to grab breakfast at Eistein Brothers¬†Beagles. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a Triple Cheese Gormet Beagel with a tall cup of their house drip. The sandwich was great but I should’ve brewed my ¬†own coffee. I just couldn’t resist walking home [...]

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The Internet is 7777 days old today!

According to – the internet is 7777 days old today. Who’d a thought?

Fatso-s-Public-House---Stage---1016-Massachusetts-Lawrence-KS has been officially launched!

I just finished the last addition to Check it out!